About us

It began as a hobby...


My name is Tracy and I am the owner of Little Rascals Photography. Before becoming a photographer, I was a registered nurse for 10 years. However, as soon as I picked up a camera, everything changed! I began photographing my children and before I knew it, I had opened my first studio in downtown Mason. It has been 20 years since I began photographing professionally and every day I love it more and more.


Little Rascals specializes in children's photography with baby animals. We provide shoots with puppies, bunnies, lambs, ponies, and a Christmas donkey named Eeyore! These adorable shoots, captured in my unique vintage studio keeps your photos timeless and classic for years to come. 


We are dedicated to giving you our best. We provide our clients with a wide variety of unique vintage backgrounds as well as location trips to sunflower fields when in season.

Meet The Team



Wedding photographer, Project manager and designer



Senior photographer and office assistant



Wedding Photographer & Designer